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About Lea Papworth

My years of experience working exclusively in supporting pregnant women and couples in their fertility journey is based on a solid footing. In 1991 I trained as a midwife. In 2006 I stopped working as a midwife and my registration lapsed. I now do not provide any midwifery services or techniques, I do use my prior midwifery knowledge to understand how I can use my Chinese medicine skills to work best for you.

I further studied in The Netherlands completing my Diploma of Acupuncture (1997-2000), and Diploma of Chinese Herbal Medicine with distinction (1999-2000) at the Anglo Dutch Institute for Oriental Medicine. On return to Australia I completed my Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Distinction (2004-5).
This Master’s degree had a strong element of women’s health, and with experience gained during my time as a midwife I managed to make other elements of the course also applicable to women’s health, for example I researched skin conditions in pregnancy in the dermatology component. I was able to study under “experts” such as Jane Lyttleton and Lily Liu (featured on channel 9’s ACA program). Their wealth of experience, as well as that of TCM doctors such as Dr Lifang Liang working in San Francisco, is invaluable particularly in the relatively new area of combining herbal medicine and supporting assisted reproduction techniques.
My expertise has been called upon as a lecturer at Endeavour College Adelaide.

Up to date knowledge.

I am committed to furthering my knowledge. Every year since graduating in 2000 my continuing education has been almost exclusively pregnancy or fertility related. An effective skill set means having knowledge of different styles of acupuncture and the ability to use them in complicated cases.
Having developed close working relationships with many fertility specialists and embryologists in Adelaide and am grateful to them for their generous time given answering my questions and for considering my input in our goal to achieving your pregnancy. Sound knowledge of the drugs, treatment protocols and their effect on the body allows me to mould traditional Chinese medicine to better assist and support your fertility desires. One of the strengths of Chinese medicine is observing all aspects of your health to find clues to make you Chinese medical diagnosis. Finding the clues within your comments about your last cycle, your last pregnancy, blood test results or your signs and symptoms can help me find the best way to help you.
Assisting your general and emotional health when you wish to conceive has become a niche area within Chinese Medicine as shown in the study done by Sutton et al 2014, where results were better from reproductive based acupuncture clinics than general clinics.

Getting the support and Understanding you need.

Staying healthy in your fertility journey is challenging emotionally, financially and physically. Fertility clinics are busy places, speaking with your doctor or nurses can be difficult.
Fertility is such a private subject many couples don’t discuss their fertility difficulties with their friends and family. Not wanting the constant unhelpful fertility advice like… stop worrying about it, go on a holiday, eat pineapple. The well-meaning but intrusive questions… when is the blood test, how are you feeling, why didn’t it work? Who wants their private situation becoming publicly discussed?
Apparent ‘easy pregnancies’ surrounding you can add to your anxiety and create discomfort around friends and family.
The resulting isolation damages relationships around you, you do need a caring and confidential ear just as much as guidance and treatment, but that ear does more than you expect;
It reduces stress-
We know stress has negative implications for conception and pregnancy, acupuncture has been shown to reduce stress and the chemical effects it has within the body.
Having a resource person you can easily ask questions of also reduces anxiety.
It is empowering –
Fertility and pregnancy are complicated and understanding the processes is confusing, a simple explanation can help to clarify some confusion and allow you to engage better with your medical team.

Qualification Details

• Ex-Midwife and General Nurse (no longer registered)
• Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Distinction)
• Diploma of Acupuncture
• Diploma of Chinese herbal medicine (Distinction)
• Member of Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association
• Registered Acupuncturist