Lea Papworth Acupuncture

I specialise in:

  • Natural fertility for women and men
  • Supporting IVF and assisted reproduction techniques
  • Treating recurrent miscarriage
  • All conditions relating to pregnancy
  • Postnatal issues such as insufficient lactation
Please note:
Do NOT attempt to make a booking through unbooked.com.au. This is not an authorised site. Bookings can only be made by contacting the clinic directly on 0422 044 259.

Scientific research demonstrates acupuncture really works

The acupuncture I use in conjunction with assisted reproduction is founded on evidence-based protocols. The treatment is designed to enhance effectiveness within the timeframe of an IVF cycle.

For natural fertility it should be remembered that the effects of acupuncture are subtle. Sometimes results can occur in the first month of treatment, however I recommend at least 3 to 6 months of treatment.

Treatment commences at the first appointment. I will question you about your general health and lifestyle, looking into patterns of sleep, diet, senses and energy.

At times the addition of traditional herbs may be needed to enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture.

Read more about the scientific research on my colleague, Jane Lyttleton's, site: Scientific research

Clinic location

14 Halifax Street
Hilton SA 5033

Initial appointments can only be made by phoning me on 0422 044 259.

Appointment costs

Fertility $80 (1 hour appointment)

Transfer $100 ( 2 x30  min appointments)

Pregnancy $70 (1 hour appt)

Cancellations policy

Please note that a cancellation fee will apply unless at least 2 working days notice is provided.

Cancellation fees are $30 for fertility appointments and $20 for pregnancy appointments.

Cancellations must be notified via phone call or text message to
0422 044 259. Please do not reply to reminder messages or emails. These are automated notifications and I will not receive your message.