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Frequently asked questions

Acupuncture is often misunderstood, but that is hardly surprising because it is unclear just how acupuncture works from a scientific perspective. Some believe it has a neurological effect while others are happy to explain it as a balancing of vital energy.

I get many other questions, but here are a few I get asked most often:

Does acupuncture hurt?

The needles are the width of a human hair, and so you feel very little, most clients say just a quick pinch and then nothing. The endorphins (happy hormones) released mean most clients really look forward to their ‘zen’ time.

Is acupuncture safe?

Yes, it is when performed by a formally trained acupuncturist.  The most common side effects are a small bruise or slight bleeding at the site of needling and needle discomfort (although most clients are surprised by how little you feel from the needle).  Less common is light headedness or nausea during the session, fatigue after the session (most clients experience feeling relaxed, some feel fatigued), feeling emotional, and insomnia the night after treatment (again most clients report the opposite and sleep better).

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Is acupuncture safe in pregnancy?

Again, yes if performed by an adequately trained acupuncturist. Our acupuncturist was a registered midwife, having trained extensively in acupuncture and its application in pregnancy she is aware of the considerations necessary. At the same time, she can advise when certain signs or symptoms should be bought to the attention of your midwife or doctor.

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How frequent will my appointments need to be?

This depends on the time scale we are working with, your underlying condition and the condition being treated

For fertility this varies between once a week and fortnightly.

For pregnancy this usually requires once a week to a fortnight again varies with the timescale available, condition and your underlying condition.

Are the needles sterile?

All needles are single use sterilised needles.